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In the world of luxury hotels, personality goes a long way. That was the strategic insight we brought to Hotel Nikko, who wanted to bring the magic of SF to their Zen-like experience and differentiate themselves from other SF Hotels.

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  • Discovery

    Hotel Nikko SF was looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the competition while establishing a positioning that would energize and inspire their entire organization, as well as prospective guests. Though Hotel Nikko has Japanese heritage, with international locations throughout the world, the Nikko San Francisco specifically needed its own unique personality.

  • Creativity

    We leaned into the notion of offering travelers a Zen–like experience, a natural fit for a Japanese Hotel. But Hotel Nikko’s Zen–like experience is mixed with bursts of San Francisco excitement. Let’s face it, in the world of luxury hotels, personality goes a long way. To convey this philosophy and offer Hotel Nikko as the perfect place to experience all that San Francisco has to offer, while nurturing yourself and focusing on whatever you need to do, we launched: “Stay in the moment.” Accompanied by a graphic time stamp, this campaign shows all the incredible things you can do (or not do) while staying at the Hotel Nikko. A fresh graphic design and clever voice helped pull together all of Hotel Nikko’s communication elements: Website, Digital Advertising, On Premise Posters, Outdoor and Print.

  • Proof

    While it is too soon to measure business results, the Hotel’s communication elements now work together seamlessly, helping not only to communicate a sense of relaxation and order, but they actually participate in creating a "Zen with personality" feeling. Staffers are proud to bring their personal touch to creating a luxury stay with personality. And everyone appreciates the reminder to “Stay in the Moment.”

We created magazine ads specifically to entice British tourists via National Geographic Traveler. (Not gonna lie. The Eggs Benedict might be worth crossing the pond for.)

National Geographic | Magazine Ad for UK Audience | In-Room Dining

National Geographic | Magazine Ad for UK Audience | Glass-Enclosed Pool

Print and Poster Series | In-Room Dining

Print and Poster Series | Restaurant Anzu

Print and Poster Series | Feinstein's Night Club

Print and Poster Series | Kanpai Lounge

Print and Poster Series | Indoor Pool

Print and Poster Series | Fitness Center

Print and Poster Series | Pet Terrace

Themed "Do Not Disturb" Door Tags

Themed "Do Not Disturb" Door Tags

Stay In the Moment | Branding Brochure Cover

Stay In the Moment | Branding Brochure Inside