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Each month, we’re in charge of creating content to announce a sales event that helps Nor Cal Honda stand out amongst the, shall we say, heavy traffic of more typical tier-two auto advertising. These hard-hitting campaigns are disguised as fun spots, helping our Clients cut through the sales event clutter and rack up actual sales.

Save 2020 :30

In a year…that we couldn’t wait to be over, Honda saved 2020…with Nothing.

Honda Safe Adventure :30

Kids encourage all grownups to save this summer with a Honda Safe Adventure.

Gingerbread Man :30

A delicious-looking gingerbread man is desperate to find a reliable car before he gets eaten.

Lunch Date :30

To get what you really want for Valentine’s Day, you gotta get it for yourself.

Magic Time Machines :30

Hondas become Magic Time Machines when you pay nothing for 90 days.

Dream Commute :30

Life can be a dream in a Honda.

Unprecedented Presidents Day :30

Following the shocking news in 2016, this spot was, um, spot on.

Birthday Cupcake :30

Our long-time Nor Cal Honda icons, Washington and Lincoln, commiserate about having to share their birthday with Presidents Day — a day created for sales events. Thankfully, at least one of those sales is for Honda.

It's Your Birthday :30

Washington and Lincoln celebrate their birthdays, along with the virtues of the new Honda Accord, the North American Car of the Year.

Start Your Summer :30

School ends. And the excitement begins. For the kids, anyway.

End of Summer Celebration :30

It’s back to school for the kids. And back to fun for the parents.

20 Days of Black Friday :30

With 20 Days of Black Friday, there’s no reason to rush. Just ask anyone who owns a Honda.

Additional spots

NorCal Honda "Wallet Vacation" Sedans :30
NorCal Honda "Wallet Vacation" SUVs :30
Valentines Day "Please and Thank You" :30
Valentines Day "Guess What I Want?" :30
Presidential Valentine's Day :30
14 Days of Black Friday
Happy Honda Days "Almost Over" :30
New Hondas For All "Cheeseburger" :30
New Hondas For All "Cannonball" :30
Memorial Day "Race To Save" SUVs :30
Memorial Day "Race To Save" Sedans :30
July 4 Honda "Car Wash" :30
July 4 Honda Gas Station :30
July 4 Honda "Surfing" :30

“What a great idea. Kids celebrating the start of summer in a wild and fun campaign. This resulted in a very strong Memorial Day selling season for NorCal Honda.”

Gary Revis, Board Member, Northern California Honda Dealers Advertising Association