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May 28, 2013

From the Desk of Intern Kirk: Sergio Presely And Puerto Rico Pagan


Much of this week was engrossed by the AT&T Park shoot that was scheduled for Tuesday. Rather than write about each day, for this week’s entry I’ll simply write about what went into the shoot, and what I got out of it. So, here goes:

Finally the day of the big ad shoot had arrived! There had been so much buildup to filming at AT&T Park, it was surprising how quickly Tuesday snuck up on me. But I was ready to see the magic behind a BSA advertisement take place, and as always, everyone here was equally enthused to make sure everything went according to plan. After quickly getting settled, B2, Harrison, and I drove over to AT&T Park, armed with scripts, cameras, recording devices, small notes, and anything else we needed to make a quick tweak or two to the spot.


Creative Intern Kirk, From the Desk of the Intern

May 20, 2013

From the Desk of Intern Kirk: Exploring AT&T



Monday was a convenient day to post my blogs from last week, as most of the office was organizing the trip up north that a few employees will embark on tomorrow. With a few technical malfunctions and difficulties behind me, I successfully posted blogs three and four onto the web page. Next internet sensation? I’ll let you decide, but all I can say is watch out Psy.

Once the blog work was done and dusted, I continued brainstorming ideas for the upcoming spot with Matt Cain and Angel Pagan. I haven’t been told if there is a direction this ad is supposed to take, or if there is a certain goal BSA wants to achieve with it, but I’ve been taking multiple approaches in my ideas. We’ll have to see what B2 thinks of the rookie’s ideas.


Creative Intern Kirk, From the Desk of the Intern, SF Giants