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February 14, 2015
Brian Bacino

NorCal Honda: Valentine’s Day vs. Presidents’ Day

Valentine’s Day
You get it. If you want to have a really special Valentine’s Day, you gotta ditch the flowers and go with a love machine. Check out our Valentine’s Day effort for our NorCal Honda client.
“Love Machine” :30 TV



Baker Street Credits
President: Jack Boland
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Bacino
Chief Strategy Officer: Don Donovan
CD/Art Director: Corey Stolberg
CD/Copywriter: Bob Dorfman
Group Account Director: Dan Nilsen
Producer: Brody McHugh
Senior Account Executive: Whitney Randolph
Production Credits
DP: Kevin Emmons
EP: Mark Dwyer
Editor, Michael Pickman-Thoon, Rough House
Colorist: Roger Krakow, Rough House
Producer: Todd Lindo, Rough House
Motion Graphics Artist: Scott Bartholomew, Rough House
Assistant Editor and Compressionist: Elijiah Pahati, Rough House
Audio Engineer: Andy Greenberg, One Union
Music: The Miracles
Presidents’ Day

This year we ran the Valentine’s Day spot alongside our Presidents’ Day Icons.

“Coffee Shop” :30 TV

“Gas Station” :30 TV

“Snowboarding” :30 TV

Which campaign do you prefer?

Tell us here:

Brian Bacino, Creative Chief B2

December 16, 2014
Brian Bacino

A Giant Postseason. Together.


Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 9.20.40 AM

That just happened.

The San Francisco Giants not only shocked the world again, but they kept us busy all through October — and happily celebrating most of November. So now on the eve of starting all over again for the 2015 season, we look back and share our Orange October digital, print, and outdoor efforts.

A special thanks and giant ups to photographer Brad Mangin whose genius inspired and often lensed the work of this year’s campaign. (

As the SF Giants leveled each impossible challenge, we stayed busy stirring the particles and stoking the mojo with our multi-platform social media pep rally.

Can’t wait to do it again.

Social Media Campaign:  

As a new story evolved daily throughout the post season, so did our presence in the Socialsphere. Here’s our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram campaign from Game 1 of the NLDS through Game 7 of the most Classic of Falls.

9.30.14 Post: If you had to win 1 game in enemy territory, you might as well send up an 18-game winner with a 2.98 era, a devastating left-handed slider, and the ability to fix the team bus if it breaks down on the way to PNC Park from the hotel: Suffice it to say, we at Baker Street are #Madbumbelievers!
(Photo by Brad Mangin.)


10.3.14 Post: Yes, yes, yes…%$&-ing yes! #OrangeOctober #OctoberTogether #SFGiants (Pence Photo by Brad Mangin.)


10.4.14 Post: Even though he’s out of the lineup, he’s still in it. #OrangeOctober #OctoberTogether #SFGiants (Photos by Brad Mangin.)


10.6.14 Post: You can feel it in the air. It’s Panda Time. Let the big bear eat! #OrangeOctober #OctoberTogether #SFGiants (Panda Photo by Brad Mangin.)


10.7.14 Post: Looking for the Beast to pull a Willis Reed at any moment. #OrangeOctober #OctoberTogether #SFGiants (Morse Photo by Brad Mangin.)


10.7.14 Post: Start the chainsaw! GRRRRRRR! #RallyVogey #OctoberTogether #BSABelieves (Photo by Brad Mangin.)


10.8.14 Post: Back against a wall? Who ya gonna call? #PenceVsFenceNoContest #OctoberTogether #OrangeTogether #SFGiants


10.14.14 Post: Stick Together. #OctoberTogether (Panda Photo by Brad Mangin.)


10.15.14 Post: Start the chainsaw. #OctoberTogether #RallyVogey (Posey Photo by Brad Mangin.)

The Embarcadero

10.16.14 Post: Bring’n Giant Game 5 Vibe. #OctoberTogether (Photo by Brad Mangin.)


10.17.14 Post: “Saddle the HeII up! We’re burning it down!!!” #OctoberTogether #BurnItDownTogether


10.21.14 Post: Live from KC: Madness. One Step Beyond. #OctoberTogether


10.22.14 Post: Are you ready to get peaved in KC? #OctoberTogether


10.24.14 Post: Tonight Live from AT&T Park: “Huddy and the Killer P’s.” #OctoberTogether  (Posey Photo by Brad Mangin.)


10.25.14 Post: 2014 World Series Game 4. #OctoberTogether


10.26.14 Post: 2014 World Series Game 5. #OctoberTogether


10.28.14 Post: Our bet is Peavy starts cussing during the National Anthem. #OctoberTogether


10.29.14 Post: Hudson to Lopez to Bumgarner to Affeldt to Romo to Casilla to Market Street. #OctoberTogether


Print Campaign:  

We believed it would happen, even before it did. Our team worked feverishly to create congratulatory print ads in anticipation of our third World Championship in five years. We cheered proudly when Panda caught that fly for the last out. And again when these came out in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 10.15.14 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 10.14.08 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 10.14.32 AM

A detail of the epic journey from the print ad above. Because, well, you’re gonna want to read this. (Click to zoom.)

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 10.16.08 AM

OOH Campaign:  

When we create postseason outdoor, we have no idea what fate has in store for the Giants. So we create messages that endure no matter what the outcome of the postseason.

PS_BayBridge_Bum2 Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.38.57 PM


President: Jack Boland

Chief Creative Officer/CW: Brian Bacino

Chief Strategy Officer: Don Donovan

Lead AD/Designer: Carrie Ammermann

AD: Sarah Inglis

CD/CW: Bob Dorfman

CW/Copyeditor: Robert Leon

Account Management: Viviana Bustillo-Aruca

Print Production: Jeff Teator

Social Content Manager/CW: Lesly Pyle


Brian Bacino, Creative Chief B2

October 3, 2014
Brian Bacino

Honda. NorCal Gets It.


If you live in Northern California you know there’s a certain expectation of style and an even greater demand for substance. You know there’s no better place to live. NorCal is home to the brightest, most creative, most active people in the nation. These people get it. Work hard. Play hard. And look good doing it. These are the guiding themes of our new integrated campaign for the Northern California, Central Coast, and Central Valley Honda Dealers. Gorgeous film, an intelligent graphics package, and a charming new voice talent — introducing Rashida Clendening — combine to create a fresh campaign for Honda.

Check out our new TV spots, posters, and a slew of social media video teasers, featuring our stylish cast members and, of course, America’s most trusted car brand.

2014 Honda NorCal “Gets It” TV Commercial Reel:

In-store posters:


The 2014 NorCal Honda “Gets It” Teaser Reel:

Agency: Baker Street Advertising

President: Jack Boland

Chief Creative Officer: Brian Bacino

Chief Strategy Officer: Don Donovan

AD/Designer: Ken Woodard

CD/CW: Bob Dorfman

Producer: Brody McHugh

Management Supervisor: Dan Nilsen

Account Management: Whitney Randolph, Paul Salumbides and Chris Prieto

Account Planner/Statistician: Zak Armitage

Print Production: Jeff Teator

Social Media AD: Sarah Inglis

Social Media CW: Robert Leon

Teaser Video Editor: Harrison Chapman

Social Content Manager/CW: Lesly Pyle

Online Banner AD: Corey Stolberg

Production: Dwyer Productions

Director: Brian Bacino

DP: Kevin Emmons

EP: Mark Dwyer

Editorial:  Rough House

Editor: Michael Pickman-Thoon

Assistant Editor/Compressionist: Elijiah Pahati

Producer: Todd Lindo

Motion Graphics: MK12, Ratha Nou, Eric Stafford and Morris Watts-Zagha

Storyboard Artist: Halsted Hannah

Music: Music Orange and Singing Serpent

Colorist: Roger Krakow

Brian Bacino, Creative Chief B2

September 25, 2014
Brian Bacino

From the Desk of the Creative Chief: Back to School


Anybody who ever went  back to school– that should be everybody, btw-  knows the bitter sweet feelings that go along with the end of summer.

Back to school in an Odyssey
Anybody who ever sent kids who have pretty much worked your last nerve over a seemingly endless summer, knows the elation that goes along with sending the little darlings back to class and out of your hair!

Happy about the end of summer

Those are the themes at work in our latest Labor Day Sales event for our Honda clients, ironically named “The End of Summer Celebration”. The parents are psyched.. the kids, not so much.

Our TV and online video featured elated parents driving their bummed out children to school on the first day.  Our kid actors could soooo relate… every one of them turned in a killer performance – they truly felt the pain. Check out the extended online version below.

And things really got fun when we turned over the Hondas – a Civic, an Accord, and an Odyssey!- over to the stunt drivers to see how much drifting and power sliding they could do with the world’s most reliable cars. Check out how much torque they got out of the Odyssey — nice job, Tony!

Big thanks to Tiburon’s St. Hilary School (where my own little darlings did their elementary and middle school time) for letting us turn their parking lot into a NASCAR track. And to all the players and crew.

Production: Dwyer Productions
Director of Photography: Kevin Edmonds
Executive Producer: Mark Dwyer
Director: Brian Bacino
Stunt Drivers: Tony Vella, Adam Sewell, Danny Ryder
Music: Orange Music
Post Production: Rough House
Editor: Michael Pickman Thoon
Color Correction: Roger Krakow
Motion Graphics: Eric Stafford
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Bacino
Copy Writer: Bob Dorfman
Art Director: Corey Stolberg
Producer: Brody McHugh
Agency Editor: Harrison Chapman
President: Jack Boland
Group Account Director: Dan Nilsen
Account Executives: Whitney Randolph and Gloria Birch

Brian Bacino, Creative Chief B2

July 22, 2014

The Intern Chronicles


Things are happening, here at 15, Lombard Street. What with a TV spot for Sun-Maid in full swing, new office renovations taking shape, and metal framing standing tall, here, there and everywhere, you could say Baker Street is hopping (or should we say, hammering,) away.


Yesterday, we interns found ourselves at One Union Recording Studios, observing a voice-over session with B2 and his creative team. The intimate attention to detail in listening to the subtleties of voice-expression was definitely a learning experience. So much goes into the sound and feeling of one word!

Beyond observing, we have been fortunate enough to be working on a few projects, including a re-vamping the Social Media of Baker Street (more of that, later,) and developing campaigns for Northwest Honda’s Graduate Program.

The lunch break excursions, to all foodies alike, have been above and beyond expectations. We’ve been taken to the Thursday Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building, the food trucks, sat in the sunshine at Levi’s Plaza and have even climbed through the parrot filled trees and rainforest vegetation to Coit Tower, to stretch our legs, when the weather was particularly fine.



Finally, to highlight a recent celebrity of the Baker Street Team, Harrison Faulkner Chapman has returned from a stint in Bollywood where he was shooting Happy New Year, starring Shah Rukh Khan, known in Bollywood as ‘King Khan’, which will be released on October 23, 2014. We look forward to seeing him shine on the big screen!

Harrison in Bollywood

The Intern Chronicles

June 24, 2014
Brian Bacino

2014 July 4 Honda Sales Event


July4Honda Still

Ka-boom! Back by popular demand, our Holiday Hipsters Sammy & TJ returned to action for our explosive July 4th campaign for our Honda clients’ July 4 Honda Sales Event.

You may remember them from last summer, when they were hangin’ ten on the beach. This year, our boys—again played superbly by actors JJ Johnston and Dallas Bryant—make the scene at a smokin’ hot holiday barbecue, where their preoccupation with their beautiful new Hondas lead to a pyrospectacular climax.

We found the perfect setting for this production at the Wind & Oar Boat School, overlooking the Wilamette River in Portland. Under the leadership of Executive Director Peter Crim, this nonprofit organization teaches youth and adults the fine art of building wooden boats.


This stunning example–featured in our spot–was built entirely by teenagers, and is owned by Norman Eder. Nice work!

With our DP Kevin Emmons making the car pop, and our pyrotechnics expert Kai Shelton making the fireworks really POP (aided in post by the digital effects genius of Rough House’s Eric Stafford & Kit Klangsin), we’re sure our Honda dealers will have a bang-up July 4th sales event.

Agency Credits:

President: Jack Boland
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Bacino
Art Directors: Corey Stolberg
Copy Writers: Bob Dorfman
Agency Producers: Brody McHugh
Group Account Director: Dan Nilsen
Senior Account Executive: Whitney Randolph
Account Coordinator: Christopher Prieto
Production Credits:

Production: HandCrafted Media

Director: Brian Bacino
Executive Producer: David Piggenger
Director of Photography: Kevin emmons
Production Manager: Katie Brown
SFX: Kai Shelton

Post Production: Rough House

Editor: Michael Pickman-Thoon
Motion Graphics & Visual Effects: Eric Stafford & Kit Klangsin
Color: Roger Krakow
Post Production Supervisor: Todd Lindo

Brian Bacino, Creative Chief B2, Honda