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April 5, 2013
Harrison Chapman

Baker Street Theatre Presents


Each day we premier a unique film in our lobby with the purpose of stirring our imaginations, electrifying our visual sensibilities (there’s no sound until the lunch hour), and reminding ourselves how drawn we all are to story and character.  I’m sure there’s an efficiency expert that will chide us for the 5-10 minutes that people waste when they stop and stare, forgetting their task and losing themselves for a moment as they try to figure out the plot or they become transfixed by the epic visual presentation. But we think it’s time well wasted.

Current and prospective clients, employees, and pitch consultants are welcome to stop by for our noon viewing.

Our video editor, Harrison Chapman, curates the Baker Street Theatre and is tasked with blowing our minds daily.  I’m sure he could use some suggestions:

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And now with no further to do, may we proudly present our first film:


Directed by Darren Aronofsky

Summary by Harrison Chapman

What it’s about: Hugh Jackman and Rachael Weisz are in love, but life is strange and long and they never quite make it together, not even when Hugh Jackman finds the fountain of youth and waits 1000 years to see her again. The film takes place in three different settings, 16th century Spain/New World as Jackman looks for the “tree of life” at the behest of the Queen, 21st century as Jackman looks for a cure for his wife’s cancer, and in the distant future when Jackman is a kind of astronaut in a space bubble going deep, deep, deep into the edges of the universe.

Why you should care: This film by Darren Aronofsky contains almost no CGI, that’s right, all that crazy space imagery is real. Is it really space? No. Instead of looking to the stars, they looked through a microscope. All the surreal scenes of space are actually chemical reactions filmed in a petri dish. Aside from the technical neatness of the film, it’s conceptually very interesting, following three stories that don’t directly interact with each other using the same actors to show a kind of cyclical nature of death and rebirth. Each story deals with life, death, spirituality, and the fragility of our existence without hitting you over the head with any specific message. Aronofsky lets you draw your own conclusions. As I’m playing it now in the lobby, with sound off, it’s still pretty mesmerizing, what with crazy space images, mayan warriors, flying space trees, and all, so try not to get too entranced walking by the lobby TV today.

Baker Street Theatre

February 28, 2013
Brian Bacino

From the Desk of the Creative Chief: Presidents’ Day


Like everybody else, Honda had a Presidents’ Day Sale.

And like everybody else, we used Abe Lincoln and George Washington imagery.

But unlike everybody else, our George and Abe have no idea they are Presidents.

They walk and talk like a couple of hipsters who just got an epic deal on a new Honda.

The only strange thing about the scene is that they happen to be dressed like Presidents. This theater of the absurd approach gave our Presidents’ Sale effort plenty of breakthrough as our clients enjoyed historic sales over the period of the event.


Brian Bacino, Creative Chief B2, Honda, Presidents' Day Sale

December 28, 2012
Brian Bacino

From the Desk of the Creative Chief: 2012 It’s Almost Over


To mark the end of a pretty amazing year, the Baker Street Players got together to create this blockbuster sales event campaign for the Northern California and Northwest Honda Dealers.

Bringing this kind of production value and sheer enthusiasm on a budget of a two week sales event requires the “Our Gang” approach: “Let’s put on a show!”

Final Spot: “Happy Honda Days: Almost Over”


Brian Bacino, Creative Chief B2, Holiday Advertising, Honda

December 20, 2012
Brian Bacino

From the Desk of the Creative Chief: Go Jump in the Bay!


The best part of working for a small agency is that you develop the “do it yourself” mentality. It’s amazing how much further you can make a budget go if you create with your own hands… and cameras.

Once you resolve that you have to physically create the assets yourself, suddenly you figure it out.  We no longer accept that a film will be too expensive to make.  We scoff when a stock film or photo search disappoints.  We just grab our 5D’s and Go Pros and jump in.  And in the case of our latest work for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, played at AT&T Park, that’s exactly what we did. We jumped in the bay.


Brian Bacino, Creative Chief B2, Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, Sports

October 31, 2012
Brian Bacino

+Together We’re Champions! From the Desk of the Creative Chief:


As we scrambled to prepare final congratulatory ads and posters for the 2012 World Series Champs in time for the parade, we took a moment to look back at the campaign pieces and the “Let’s get back. Together.” theme. Though the ideas were written and produced in February, long before opening day, it is astonishing how reality played out, often in ways we seemed to predict, but never really imagined.


Brian Bacino, SF Giants, Sports