Here’s what’s hot in the online ad world today:

— Audi Ignites the Electronic SUV Mix

— Amazon’s Ad-vantage Over Google

— Pandora May Soon Be Listening To You

Introducing e-tron by Audi

Audi has launched a new campaign to highlight its newest electric SUV, e-tron. This campaign focuses on debunking stigmas surrounding EV technology. The commercial shows a passerby gazing at the vehicle, wondering if an electric SUV would be right for him. As the car shifts through various scenes, we begin to learn about all of the benefits of e-tron, including range, charging infrastructure, and performance. Audi’s e-tron seamlessly handles inclement weather as well as travels longer distances (with an EPA range of 204 miles). Audi is committed to the “electrification” of the future and ultimately wants consumers to become more educated on the real meaning of “going electric.” Full Article

Amazon’s Ad-vantage Over Google

Amazon is continuing to increase its focus on advertising to take advantage of the controversies surrounding Google and Facebook. As a result, Amazon’s advertising revenue has been spiking year-over-year by 117%, hitting $10 billion in 2018, and becoming the third largest digital ad platform in the US. This is no surprise as findings have shown that more than half of consumers now start their product search on Amazon instead of Google. For consumers searching for a new vehicle, Amazon has a product called Amazon Vehicles to help jumpstart their initial research. The ROI from Amazon ads overall is relatively significant, since the platform consists of a captive audience that is ready to make a purchase. Full article

Pandora’s Voice-Activated Ads

Pandora has announced they will be testing voice-activated ads later this year. When an ad plays, listeners respond to Pandora saying whether they would like to learn more or to skip it. Pandora wants to change the way consumers interact with brands and believes voice-powered ads will help with attribution as well as tracking. The primary benefit for marketers is increased measurement capabilities. Pandora envisions that voice ads may become even more interactive, to the point where consumers and brands can have in-depth conversations. Voice-powered ads have been designed to provide a more positive and respectful experience for the digital consumer. Full article

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