Little known fact: the biggest city in Northern California is not San Francisco, it’s San Jose. Which also happens to be the Bay Area’s richest market, thanks hugely to all those Silicon Valley movers and shakers.

So why would any touring music act skip a chance to play in this lucrative market’s premiere entertainment venue—SAP Center at San Jose?

Well, with a new arena—Chase Center—just open in San Francisco, the marketing team at SAP Center was concerned that tour managers would be blinded by the shiny lights of SF and pass up the smart money in San Jose.

That’s where we came in, with an eye-catchingly fun and informative print campaign in the music trades, mapping out all the advantages of SAP Center: years of live event experience, a young, rich and passionate fan base, easy arena access, and profitability through the roof.

Using a playfully-stylized California travel map format, and starring SAP Center’s power booking duo, Steve Kirsner and James Hamnett—a well-known pair in the music biz nationwide—we center on the importance of San Jose through a variety of genres and costume changes.

How can any act say “no way” to San Jose after this?

Baker Street Advertising Credits:
Co-Chairman/CEO: Don Donovan
Co-Chariman/Founder: Jack Boland
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Bacino
Copywriter: Bob Dorfman
Art Director: Sarah Inglis
Illustrator: Ryan Ruiz
Design Studio and Production Manager: Jeff Teator
Senior Account Manager: Sarah Danaher
Assistant Account Executive: Jordan Leet

Client Credits:
Vice President, Booking & Events: Steve Kirsner
Director of Booking & Events: James Hamnett
Arena Marketing Manager: Megan Ebeck
Creative Services Manager: Whitney Hallock
Vice President, Marketing and Digital Marketing: Doug Bentz
Director of Marketing: Casey Leppanen